Access Data

Here, you will find information about what data you get access to.

Access to data is regulated by the European Union through the ITS Directive. The European Union can, with support of the Directive, issue binding regulations for different sub-areas within ITS. This means that new types of data will be added as new regulations are gradually issued. Under the heading About the ITS Directive, you can read more about the directive and the binding regulations.

Since October 1, 2015, you can gain access to the basic data necessary to offer information services within the area of safety-related traffic information and information about safe truck parking areas:

Select Organisations to see which organisations in Sweden that provide data. Which data they supply, and how you can access it, can be seen from the respective organisation’s metadata specification. Under Dataset it’s also possible to search for data.

Future data

From June 2017, the service will provide access to real-time data for traffic information (according to the ITS Directive, act b). It covers about 40 volumes of information which include both static road data, dynamic road data and traffic data. A reproduction of the entire provision can be found on the European Union’s website, The document specifies what the conditions are for access, exchange and reuse of data.

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