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The service is part of the European Union's plan to introduce ITS in the road network and is regulated via the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU. By gathering information and provide access to relevant and current data through the National Access Point (single point of access) the European Union would like to make it easier for those who create information services that can improve the efficiency of transport and travel.

Based on the directive, the European Union determines which data should be made available under what conditions.

In Sweden, the Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for managing the service. For this, the Transport Administration decided to create a webportal, Here, organisations that collect and deliver data in Sweden publish metadata for datasets they provide. Those interested in getting access to the data, follow the instructions each organisation provides in its metadata description.


Those who wants to use the data can choose to search by dataset or organisation. For more information about which data is available in other countries within the European Union, please read more on the European Union's website, or contact the Swedish Transport Administration on


In the menu to the left, you will find information about available data.

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