Information type

Act B

Static road network data 


Road width 

Number of lanes 


Road classification



Traffic signs expressing traffic regulations and identifying dangers

Access conditions for tunnels 

Access conditions for bridges 

Speed limits

Permanent access restrictions and other traffic regulations - 

Other traffic regulations

Traffic circulation plans


Toll information 

Location of tolling stations

Identification of tolled roads and applicable static road user charges

Variable road user charges 


Parking information

Location of parking places and service areas

Availability of parking places

Cost of parking


Filling logistics 

Location of charging points for electric vehicles and the conditions for their use 

Location of compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas stations

Availability of charging points for electric vehicles 


Freight logistics 

Freight delivery regulations 

Location of delivery areas 

Availability of delivery areas 


Location of public transport stops and interchange points 

Location of public transport stops and interchange points

Dynamic access information 

Road closures

Lane closures

Bridge closures


Temporary traffic regulation 

Direction of travel on reversible lanes

Dynamic overtaking bans on heavy goods vehicles


Road work information 

Road works

Unexpected events and conditions (not being safety related) 

Accidents and incidents 

Poor road conditions

Weather conditions affecting road surface and visibility


Traffic management measures

Dynamic access conditions for tunnels 

Dynamic access conditions for bridges 

Dynamic Speed limits

Dynamic access restrictions and other traffic regulations 

Temporary traffic management measures 

Traffic management plans 


Real-time traffic data

Traffic volume 


Travel times 

Locations of queues 

Traffic data at border crossings to third countries 

Expected delays 

Estimated travel times 

Waiting time at border crossings to non-EU Member States 


Act C

Safety Related Traffic Information 

Temporary slippery road

Animal, people, obstacle, debris on the road

Unprotected accident area

Short term road works

Reduced visibility

Wrong-way driver

Unmanaged blockage of a road

Exceptional weather conditions


Act E

Truck Parking Information

Static Truck parking information

Dynamic Truck parking information


Act A

Location search

Address identifiers

Topographic places

Points of interest

Access Nodes: Identified access nodes 

Access Nodes : Geometry/map layout structure of access nodes

Park & Ride stops

Bike sharing stations

Car-sharing stations

Publicly accessible refuelling stations

Secure bike parking


Information service

Passenger classes

Common fare products

Special Fare Product

Basic commercial conditions

Where and how to buy tickets

How to pay tolls

How to book 

Where how to pay


Trip plans

Operational Calendar


Trip plans, auxiliary information, availability check

Basic common standard fares

Vehicle facilities

Detailed cycle network attributes

Parameters needed to calculate an environmental factor 

Parameters such as fuel consumption needed to calculate cost


Trip plan computation - scheduled modes transport

Connection links 

Network topology and routes/lines

Transport operators


Planned interchanges between guaranteed scheduled services

Hours of operation

Stop facilities access nodes


Accessibility of access nodes, and paths within an interchange

Existence of assistance services

Road network

Cycle network

Pedestrian network and accessibility facilities

Estimated travel times


Dynamic Passing times, trip plans and auxiliary information

Disruptions (all modes)

Real-time status information

Status of access node features

Estimated departure and arrival times of services

Current road link travel times

Cycling network closures/diversions

Future predicted road link travel times


Dynamic Information service

Availability of publicly accessible charging stations


Dynamic availability check

Car-sharing availability, bike sharing availability

Car parking spaces available (on and off-street), parking tariffs, road toll tariffs






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