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  • Charge point data in Sweden

    Data of selected CPOs who make their data available via Eco-Movement
  • TomTom Intermediate Traffic (License and Fee)

    We developed TomTom Intermediate Traffic to deliver detailed, real-time traffic content to business customers who integrate it into their own applications. Target customers for TomTom Intermediate Traffic include automotive OEMs, web and application developers and governments. We deliver bulk traffic flow information that provides a comprehensive view of the entire road network. Our real-time traffic products are created by merging multiple data sources, including anonymized measurement data from over 550 million GPS- enabled devices. TomTom Intermediate Traffic Events provides information on the current observed congestion and incidents on roads in all countries where we offer this service. Traffic ‘incidents’ in this context includes information like closed roads, lane closures, construction zones and accidents. TomTom Intermediate Traffic Flow contains information on the current observed speed on roads in all countries where TomTom live traffic information services are available. License and Fee
  • uppladdning.nu

    Charging points in Sweden
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